“Modern Life” is a truly post-modern film.   The film deals with the multiplicity, fragmentation and schizophrenia of modern life.    It shows the problems of representation and the unrepresentation of a certain sector of our society, namely the poor.   “Modern Life” is a centreless film, using discontinuity and order of time to give a new way of making sense of reality. .  There is no protagonist or antagonist in the film, as everyone looses one way or another in the end.  It comments on our capitalist, consumer society, as money is the main problem of both central characters.   The film was made 10 years ago by Sanford L. Hill.

This Video was produced by Totally Digital Hawaii for "TV and You" as an experiment in electronic media education in 2000. It was written, directed, edited and shot by Sanford Hill.. It was designed to get people to think about their TV viewing habits as they watch television. Television and other types of electronic media programming are a primary factor in society's misunderstanding of homelessness and poverty. It would be difficult to change our treatment of the poor without changing the programming on the subject.